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Since 1990, Prime Time Toys has brought innovation and family fun to pool toys, water toys, dart blasters, and games. We are home to The Original Splash Bombs®, Original Max Liquidator®, and Dart Zone™, the #1 Darts in the game.

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Gel Blasters

A New Meaning for #ONLY1PRO

In 2022 we'll be putting an end to discussions about whose foam-flinging team really holds the title of champion. We've partnered with Foam Pro Tour and Drac Thalassa to host qualifiers across the country looking for the top forty players to compete for over $15,000 in prize money in the first-ever Dart Zone® Pro Tournament. As part of the finals, we'll supply the top 8 teams exclusively with our pro line of blasters leveling the playing field and ensuring gamesmanship and ability determine who comes out on top.

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