Tidal Storm Aqua Flash Hydro Flare Power-Pump Water Blaster


Bring new excitement to your backyard adventures with the Tidal Storm Aqua Flash Hydro Flare Water Blaster! With this 2-pack set, your kids will be prepared for a soaking wet showdown. Slide the action forward to fill and pull back to spray your target with a steady stream. Power-pump blasting will keep friends and family drenched! Water streams from the Hydro Flare reach up to 30 feet for powerful water competitions. This water blaster is easy-to-use and features bright green and blue colors, making it the perfect blaster for young kids and adults alike. The Hydro Flare is recommended for ages 6 and up and is available on Amazon.

  • This set includes 2 Tidal Storm Aqua Flash Hydro Flare Power-Pump Water Blasters for team water blaster adventures.
  • Bring new excitement to family time in the sun with these colorful, easy-to-use water blasters!
  • Power-Pump blasting means these water blasters spray a steady stream of water up to 30 feet.
  • The Hydro Flare is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for backyard fun or a day at the beach!
  • Recommended for age 6 and up and available at Amazon.

6-7, 8+, 14+




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