Sharkpedo Underwater Glider


The Sharkpedo is a shark attack you can have fun with! Go the distance with the Diving Masters Sharkpedo Underwater Glider. This cool shark measures 12 inches long and soars up to 40 feet through the water! Just submerge the shark and throw it like a dart, then watch it go! The Sharkpedo is the perfect toy for pool parties and backyard shenanigans. The Glider is suitable for ages 6 and up and is available on Amazon.

  • This set includes 1 Sharkpedo Underwater Glider, measuring 12 inches long.
  • The Diving Masters Sharkpedo Underwater Glider blasts through the water, flying from your hand like a rocket!
  • This unique, super-fun pool toy glides up to 40 feet through the water.
  • The Sharkpedo is easy-to-use: simply submerge, throw like a dart underwater, and watch it swim like a shark.
  • The tapered shark tail is easy to grip, grab, and toss; it's perfect for teaching swimming and diving!
  • The Sharkpedo is portable and durable, making it perfect for summer pool parties or beach vacations.
  • This pool toy is recommended for ages 6 and up and is available on Amazon.

6-7, 8+, 14+




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