Power Pack Pool Diving 6-Piece Set


Party in the water with the whole family with the Diving Masters Power Pack! These safe, flexible toys strengthen diving skills while encouraging family-friendly fun. Featuring bright colors and exciting patterns, Dizzy Dive Sticks and Dive Rings are easy to spot underwater. This set includes 3 Dizzy Dive Rings and 3 flexible fabric Dizzy Dive Sticks for never-ending possibilities. This is the ultimate dive-and-grab collection! The Diving Masters Power Pack is recommended for ages 6 and up and are available on Amazon.

  • The Diving Masters Power Pack includes 3 Dizzy Dive Sticks and 3 Dive Rings.
  • Dive Rings feature textured patterns for easy grabbing.
  • Dive Sticks stand up vertically underwater and feature an easy-to-grab fabric exterior.
  • Dive Rings each measure 6 inches in diameter, while Dive Sticks each measure 7 inches long.
  • Dizzy Dive Sticks and Dive Rings are made with high-quality material for lasting durability. They're flexible, soft, and safe for children.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up and available on Amazon.

6-7, 8+, 14+




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