Play Day Max Liquidator Terminator Yellow / Teal


Turn up the action with the Play Day Max Liquidator Terminator! Keep cool in the summer sun with the ultimate versatile water blaster. The Max Liquidator Terminator is enhanced with a rich, embossed foam design and features vivid, exciting colors. Load up this grip-friendly water blaster with the easy-to-use pump design and spray down your friends and family. Simply pull the handle back to load, take aim, and push the handle forward to blast your target! This Max Liquidator Terminator features a sleek yellow and blue color scheme and has a soft foam that cushions the exterior, making it a safe toy for kids and grownups alike. Throw it into the pool and watch it float to the surface, then fill it up and spray water up to 35 feet! This water toy is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for backyard shenanigans or beach day vacations. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Available exclusively at Walmart and

  • 14-inch Long Play Day Max Liquidator Terminator Water Blaster
  • Deluxe foam water blaster with custom Yellow/ Teal foam colors
  • Pull back handle to load with water
  • Easy to use and Shoots water up to 35 feet
  • Water blaster toy also floats in the pool
  • For All Ages 6 and up
  • Available exclusively at Walmart and


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