Hurricane Reusable Water Balls 3-Pack Set


Trade in your water balloons for adventures that never end with Hurricane Reusable Water Balls! This 3-Pack set provides countless opportunities for games that soak your targets again and again. Playing is easy; simply dunk the balls in water to fill, then toss at your target for an exciting splash on contact. The bombs then seal shut on their own. When you’re finished, dunk them again and start the game over! Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are recommended for ages 5 and up and are available on Amazon.

  • This Hurricane Reusable Water Balls set includes 3 Water Balls.
  • Take The mess and stress out of water balloon battles with Water Balls that won't leave any materials behind!
  • Forget complicated filling; just dunk these balls in water and you're ready to blast off! These Water Balls are self-sealing and splash on contact.
  • Featuring bright colors and a durable, quality design.
  • Hurricane Water Balls are suitable for ages 5 and up and are available on Amazon.

3-5, 6-7, 8+, 14+




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