Dart Zone BallistixOps Apex Ball Blaster 2-Pack


Unleash your competitive side with the Apex BallistixOps 2-Pack from Dart Zone Blasters®, the #1 trusted foam blaster brand. This dynamic set features 2 compact slide-action blasters with rotating 5-round cylinders that won’t slow you down in the heat of battle. The 10 included Power Strike Foam Balls feature a unique pattern designed to fire with impressive speed (up to 100 FPS), accuracy, and distance so you can show off your mad dart skills. Pair this set with the BallistixOps Mega Force Powerball Super Pack, and you’ll have everything you need to compete with your friends for the title of Backyard Battle Champion! Recommended for ages 14+.

  • The complete set comes with 2 Apex Blasters, 10 Power Strike Foam Balls, and 2 green color markers.
  • Quickly fire multiple darts in a row with the slide-action pump and 5-round rotating cylinder.
  • Includes 10 Power Strike Foam Balls so you can fire with speed and accuracy on and off the field.
  • Reach speeds up to 100 FPS!
  • The Dart Zone BallistixOps Apex Ball Blaster 2-Pack is recommended for ages 14 and up and is available at Target.com.






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