Water Guns

Water Gun Fun For Everyone!
Everybody loves water guns, especially kids during the heat of the summer months. And Prime Time Toys has some of the best water guns available. We've got a great variety of water blasters that are guaranteed to please kids and adults of all ages.

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Check out our original creation, The Original MaxLiquidator™. It's the ultimate water cannon disguised as a foam noodle. Pull back the handle to load with water and take aim. Push the water blaster's handle forward and blast water up to 30ft. Families have been having pool fun with Original MaxLiquidator™ for years.

This year we've also created the all-new Hydro Blaster™ water gun. This foam water blaster blasts water up to 35 feet! It's got a special pump handle and it comes in 3 sizes. Pick up a Hydro Blaster™ and join the new generation of water blasters and water guns.

Our Monster Blaster™ water blaster toy line is great for younger kids. Each foam water blaster is topped with a wild animal head and characterized tail. These cute, crazy, cartoon water blasters also blast water up to 30 feet.



Hydro Blaster™


Monster Blaster™