Hydro Blaster

Our Hydro Blaster™ line is a new generation of water blasters that are guaranteed to keep the water gun pool fun rocking all summer long.
This season we're introducing the new Hyrdo Blaster™ Power Tank Combo. It includes a Hyrdo Blaster™ water blaster AND a portable tank that holds up to 16 refills.

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The Max lets you blast water up to 35 feet. The special handle makes it easy to hold and fun to shoot.

The Pro also blasts water up to 35 feet. It's got a free spinning handle that makes it super easy to find the perfect position for maximum water gun strength.

The Target Shot is two times the water fun! It includes one marine mine target shot that waits for you to take aim and sink it.

The pint sized Hydro Blaster™ may look harmless, but it packs all the power of it's bigger brother. It blasts water up to 35 feet and is the perfect size for young kids.

Hydro Blaster™