Dive n Grab

Diving games take on a whole new meaning with Prime Time Toy's fun and colorful "Dive N' Grab" pool toy line. Both our Dizzy Tubes and our Underwater Scrambler set are perfect for young kids ages 6 and up.

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The Dizzy Tubes are are soft colorful dive sticks. Toss the soft colorful tubes into the pool and dive in and grab 'em. The flexible fabric makes these dive sticks safe and easy to hold on to.

The Underwater Scrambler is a fun set of six 2" fish and a 5" fishing net. Toss in the fish and catch them before they reach the bottom if you can.

Get ready for YOUR pool party with Prime Time Toys. We've got the perfect swimming pool toys for kids to play water games all summer long.

Dizzy Dive Rings Fun Pack


Dizzy Tubes


Sunken Treasure


Tropic Reef